Bacares Cottage I

It emphasizes in a special way in the farmhouse, the decoration of the rooms, dedicated to the natural resources of the zone, where one can find everything a family laborer needed and the environment he offered him to satisfy his basic needs.

So we find rooms dedicated to olive, esparto, cereal, the caper, almond tree and the killing, each one of them decorated with original pieces restored that were utilized in their time for their purposes. For example, in the room of the olive the baskets of olives are found like carpets, the sieve of cleaning of the olive as table, jugs and the funnels for the oil or the capachas to carry the olive, etc. In that of cereal measures of capacity are found (celemines, pints, etc.), an average one fanega as table, cesnaeros, rakes…

In this way the visitor can revive and to know a remnant of the popular history of the zone.

  • 2 double rooms
  • 2 single room
  • 1 playing room
  • 1 habitación individual
  • Complete bath-room
  • Parlor
  • Heating in all farmhouse
  • Microwave, coffee machine, exprimer, toaster, fryer, refrigerator
  • Washing machine
  • WiFi
  • Clothes of home (savannahs and towels)
  • TV



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